The American Pet Products Association has published a new report called Covid-19 Pulse Study: Pet Ownership During the Pandemic.  This study examines the ways the pandemic has influenced how we care for our pets.

See the APPA’s website to find out how to obtain a copy of the full report.  In the meantime, here are a few highlights:

  • While most Americans have not seen pandemic-related changes to their pet ownership, 7% report getting a new pet and 6% report holding off on getting a pet because of the pandemic.

  • 72% of owners report that spending time with their pets has helped reduce their stress and improve their sense of well-being during the past few months.
  • Around half of pet owners report that they are “social distancing” their pets from other people and animals.
  • 60% of owners report that increased time spent with their pets has led to greater bonding and feelings of closeness towards their pets.
  • 39% of pet owners report that they have been exercising more with their pets during the pandemic.

  • 44% of pet owners say they have “stocked up” on pet food and supplies at some point during the pandemic.
  • Mass merchandisers like Walmart and pet superstores like PetSmart are the most common shopping destinations for pet products (mostly in person, but also online). Online-only pet supply retailers come in third.

The APPA notes that “despite concerns of a recession and some having their employment impacted, many pet owners continue to demonstrate their commitment to the care and well-being of their pets.”

Veterinary care has also been affected by the pandemic. The FACE Foundation provides financial assistance for pets in need of life-saving veterinary care.  Recent grantees have faced unemployment and other financial hardships during the Covid crisis.  Read about how FACE is responding to this ongoing crisis HERE.


6 thoughts on “Report: How Covid Has Impacted Pet Ownership

  1. Because I’m retired, time spent with my fur-babies has not changed. It has however become much more deliberate with respect to deep bonding which we do every single day for periods of time. It’s been beneficial to both the dogs and me.

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