Social distancing is an important component of keeping us all safe and healthy during these times.  But as a social animal, your dog might be feeling the effects of reduced social contact with other pets and people.

The American Veterinary Medical Association has created a list of helpful tips on how to modify your dog’s socialization activities during this time.  As they note, it’s important to socialize newly acquired puppies and adult dogs as well as to keep your dog well socialized for when all activities return to normal.

Here are a few simple tips on dog socialization in a time of social distancing.

  • Continue to take your dog for regular walks while maintaining 6 feet of separation from other people and their dogs.
  • Take your dog on short car rides.

  • Maintain your dog’s basic daily routine even if your own routine has changed, so that the transition back to normal will be smooth.
  • Provide plenty of indoor environmental stimulation with toys or other objects like food puzzles.

  • Keep up with your dog’s crate training for when you go back to work outside the home, even if you’re mostly at home now.
  • Familiarize your dog with the kind of handling she will receive when she goes back to regular vet visits, like touching paws, tail, and ears.


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