The pet products industry is reporting a boom in pet grooming supply sales as owners are spending more time at home with their pets during the coronavirus pandemic.

In many areas, pet grooming facilities have been closed at some point during the past year, and pet parents have turned to do it yourself grooming and trimming to keep their pets looking their best.

Pet supply stores are reporting an increase in sales of grooming tools, sometimes as much as 20%.  They also report that owners are seeking supplies for at home baths and treatments for skin problems.

Retailers report that “all in one” type products are especially popular, such as shampoos that also treat skin and coat conditions (and have flea and tick repellant ingredients).  Shampoo plus conditioner products are also big sellers, as are deodorizing shampoos.

Bathing products that contain CBD are also popular among pet owners.  “CBD foam or external products seem to work well because, as you’re massaging them onto the dog, you are also connecting with acupressure points that govern stress, so the massage is very calming,” says one pet store owner.

Products labeled as “all-natural” and “hypoallergenic” are a hit with consumers as well.

Reputable pet supply retailers are looking to stock their shelves with grooming products that are made in the USA and fully disclose the ingredients and their place of origin.

Whether you decide to shop online or in person, experts suggest that you choose quality grooming supplies from established and reputable brands.


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