Have you heard about the growing aquascaping trend among fish owners?  Aquascaping is a new approach to keeping pet fish, one that incorporates the artistic arrangement of plants, stones, driftwood, and other objects in an aquarium.

Aquascaping can be a challenging and rewarding pastime that requires a little creativity and underwater gardening skills in addition to fishkeeping knowledge.

The website Aquarium Friend surveyed over 1,000 aquascapers to find out more about what drew them to this hobby.

The aquascapers cited benefits such as relaxation, stress relief, creativity, and a connection to nature when asked why they enjoyed it.

What are the most popular fish used in aquascaping?  According to the survey, they are:

  • Tetras
  • Guppies
  • Bettas
  • Shrimp

Aquascaping is most popular among the younger generations.  35% of the survey respondents identified as millennial and 32.4% said they were Generation Z.  Less than 10% of aquascapers were over 50.

23.9% of the aquascapers identified as being part of the LGBTQIA community.  Aquarium Friend notes that this is a high number and suggests that it may be due to the younger generations’ willingness to self-identify.

They also speculate that the hobby may have the sort of community appeal as other animal hobby sub-niches like dog showing and grooming, which combine aesthetics and competitions.

How much does it cost to start aquascaping?  Most hobbyists reported that they spend less than $50 per month to maintain their tanks.  About half of the respondents said that they spent between $100 and $500 to start a new tank.

Time spent maintaining an aquascaped tank can vary, but most aquascapers will tell you that it does take some time and effort.  About half of the respondents spent 5+ hours a month on maintenance, but a similar number said they spent between 1-4 hours per month.

Interested in learning more?  Check out this popular aquascaping YouTube channel.


9 thoughts on ““Aquascaping” Hobby Transforms Traditional Fish Tanks

  1. What remarkable images. Being in the 50 and older camp, I fully understand why I’d not be very successful. It’s all I can do to ‘landscape’ the garden but grateful for those with the proper mindset and aquarium. 😁 Who doesn’t love that relaxing feeling of watching fish swim about?

    1. I’ve never had fish but I love looking at them, and love the idea of them in a plant filled aquarium with lots of places to explore. Nothing sadder than an empty/dirty fish tank 😦

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