Experts are predicting a higher-than-normal risk for both Western wildfires and Atlantic hurricanes in the 2021 season.  It’s important to have a disaster plan in place that includes your pets.

Here in California and other parts of the West, fast spreading wildfires can be dangerous for household pets and farm animals.  The County of San Diego Department of Animal Services has created a Pet Disaster Plan for animals large and small.

Here are a few key reminders that pet owners should keep in mind when preparing an emergency plan:

  • Never leave your animals penned or chained outside when you evacuate your home. Take your animals with you when you evacuate.
  • Identify more than one evacuation route in case certain areas are closed to traffic.
  • Practice gathering your belongings and pets in advance. Make sure your pets are comfortable getting into cages, crates, and trailers.
  • Identify places where you can go with your animals. This includes hotels, friends/family, and boarding/livestock holding facilities.

  • Make sure your pets are microchipped and tagged and that all identifying information is up to date.
  • Create a pet emergency evacuation kit with essential supplies to last at least 7 days for each pet. Include things like food, water, medication, bowls, bedding, litter/litterbox, leashes, and poop bags.
  • Bring along a current photo of your pet and important paperwork like proof of ownership and veterinary records with proof of vaccination.

San Diego Animal Services has created a pdf disaster plan for pets that you can see and download HERE.

Need more information about evacuating large animals like horses?  Check out this helpful video:



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