This little bundle of fur is Alaska! He’s an energetic 2-month-old kitten who unfortunately was accidentally stepped on and suffered a broken femur, not an uncommon mishap in small kittens and puppies.

Alaska’s dad had lost his job and was living on unemployment benefits at the time of the accident. He couldn’t afford the cost of Alaska’s emergency surgery to repair the fracture.

With the help of a FACE grant, Alaska got the surgery he needed and his leg is on the mend. Alaska is eager to resume his career as a playful kitten!


7 thoughts on “Meet FACE Success Story Alaska

      1. LOL, typos are fun, aren’t they? Alaska is a cutie. As someone who’s accidentally stepped on an underfoot cat’s tail once or twice, I sympathize with Alaska’s dad. 😦

      2. A big fat head/nose don’t help much when it comes to typos. I can do that on my own quite nicely, thank you very much.

        It’s always more heartbreaking when we cause an injury to our fur babies. Luckily they still love us despite our foibles.

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