Did you know that when your dog needs a blood transfusion, the source of that blood may be a large-scale colony blood bank where many dogs are housed, and their blood is repeatedly drawn?

California is taking steps to phase out colony canine blood banks. They would be replaced by small community blood banks where residents can take their pets to donate blood and then these banks can transfer the blood to local veterinary clinics where it is needed.

According to an article on the Associated Press website, animal welfare advocates have long opposed these large canine blood bank facilities. They’ve been advocating for the closure of these colonies and California is now taking action.

A new law, known as AB1282, has been enacted that requires the state to phase out colony banks if officials determine that community-based banks are selling enough blood to meet veterinary health needs.

One large bank in Orange County, CA was using 200 rescued racing greyhounds to collect blood. Animal rights advocates were concerned for the welfare of these dogs.

As Dr. Grant Miller, Director of the California Veterinary Medical Association noted, “The role of animals in society has changed in the past few decades, and they’re truly members of the family.” People “want to do whatever they can to help their pets.”

Voluntary blood donation is a great way for dog owners to help the dogs in their community.

Daniel Paden, Vice President of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said, “Whether you are talking about a greyhound who was run on tracks in the South, or a dog who has been homeless on the streets, you want these animals to live in a home with a loving family. If they’re physically and behaviorally healthy, and amenable to going to the vet to donate, then it’s a remarkable service to provide to other dogs.”


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