Many senior cats end up in animal shelters when their senior owners pass away or are unable to care for them any longer. Often, these senior cats are calm and affectionate companions, but they can get overlooked at shelters because many adopters are interested in kittens.

Animal rescue organizations have started special programs to match homeless senior cats with senior citizens looking for a mellow and loving feline friend.

One organization, Fancy Cats & Dogs, started the Senior Cats for Senior Laps program. They seek to place cats that are 7+ years of age with seniors who are 65+ years of age. Adoption fees are waived for this program.

Adopting a senior cat can help human seniors with depression, loneliness, and overall health and well-being. Plus, senior cats tend to be well suited to senior adopters because many of them are used to life with a previous senior owner.

Check out this cute video on the Senior Cats for Senior Laps program from CBS News:


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