A survey of pet owners conducted by realtor.com found that our pets’ needs are a top priority when we are searching for a new home.

95% of pet owners rated their pets’ needs as “important” when considering a new home. 87% of dog and cat owners rated their pets’ needs as “very important” or “extremely important.” 68% of pet owners said they would pass on their dream home if it didn’t meet their pets’ needs.

What features are pet owners looking for when shopping for a new home?

  • 38% want big yards
  • 29% want outdoor space
  • 24% want garages
  • 22% want dog runs
  • 20% want indoor square footage

Many of these features are on wish lists for dog owners. What about the owners of other pets? A majority of cat, bird, fish, rodent, and horse owners say that their pets’ needs are a high priority too!

Are you planning a move with your pets? Check out the ASPCA’s guide for moving with pets.


6 thoughts on “Survey: Pets are a Priority When Looking for a New Home

      1. I would not recommend moving to NZ with pets unless you are allowed to buy a house immediately which most foreigners cannot the first year(s).

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