Recently we received a wonderful letter from a FACE grantee and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, thought it might be a good time to share the kind words of Lucy’s owner.

“When FACE Foundation saved the life of my dog they also saved mine.”

“My dog, Lucy, is not only my pet, but also my companion, roommate, watchdog, antidepressant and love. Lucy is full of energy and a little too overconfident. Consequently, she fractured her leg when taking a risky jump. Fixing her fracture required surgery by an orthopedic surgeon. The cost for the surgery was beyond my means, but absolutely necessary for her to be able to walk again. I wept hysterically at the pet hospital when one of the veterinarians told me about FACE. Soon after I submitted the application, FACE came to the rescue and covered the majority of the expenses. This is the most generous gift I have ever received and I am forever grateful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Thank you to our friends and partners at the Pet Emergency & Specialty Center for helping to make Lucy’s critical orthopedic surgery happen. She is now free from her bandages and splint and is doing well!


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