An Alaskan Malamute named North and a Shiloh Shepherd named Tinsley made the news recently for showing incredible dedication and love for their owners.

North was out hiking with his owner on a snowy mountain in Croatia when the man slipped and fell. The man hurt his leg and couldn’t move.

North used his body heat to keep his owner alive during the night in the frigid temperatures, curling up beside him for 13 hours until rescuers came.

He even curled up on top of his owner when the rescue team put him on a stretcher. “Friendship and love between man and dog know no boundaries,” said the rescuers.

Tinsley was with her owner and a friend when they got into a serious rollover crash on the cold roads of Vermont. While her owner was unconscious, Tinsley ran off down the highway to find help, crossing the border into New Hampshire.

She led state police officers all the way back to the site of the accident. At first, they were concerned that she was going to get run over and tried to catch her, but they soon realized that as she ran, she kept waiting for them to catch up and follow her.

Tinsley stood near her owner as the rescuers came to the aid of him and his friend. Sadly, another dog that was in the vehicle was hit by a car in the road after the accident. “It’s a real-life Lassie story,” said one of the officers of Tinsley.


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