As the sad images of Ukrainians fleeing their cities have been much in the news recently, you may have noticed that many refugees have been bringing their pets with them as they travel to safety in nearby countries.

Fortunately, many European countries are making it easier for Ukrainians and their pets to stay together.

According to an article in the UK’s Vet Times, veterinary health officials in Romania, Poland, and Hungary are waiving peacetime pet travel restrictions for Ukrainian refugees.

While it’s normally standard procedure to check a pet’s vaccination documentation and microchip and health status before entering another country, this is being suspended and/or simplified during the current crisis.

The Humane Society International reports that the European Commission is advising all EU Member States to relax veterinary paperwork requirements for dogs, cats, and other pets accompanying Ukrainian refugees into the EU.

HSI’s European director says, “We are deeply concerned for the people and animals impacted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and so we welcome the European Commission’s recognition that people fleeing the conflict care deeply about their companion animals as beloved members of their family and will want to keep them safe. Those seeking refuge will be greatly relieved to know that they can make evacuation plans to EU countries with their pets without unnecessary delay. This is a precedent-setting compassionate stance from the EU that we very much hope will be replicated around the world during similar conflict situations. People should not have to jeopardize their own safety in efforts to prevent their animals from being left behind to fend for themselves.”

For information on how the international community is organizing to help the animals currently being housed in the animal shelters of Ukraine, check out this article on the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s website HERE.



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