A 2 ½-year-old Belgian Malinois named Eva heroically came to her owner’s rescue after she was ambushed by a mountain lion.

Erin Wilson was hiking with Eva on a northern California trail when a mountain lion appeared and swiped at her. Eva rushed to defend her owner, but the big cat soon had its jaws around the dog’s head.

Erin tried to use rocks to get the lion off Eva, but she ran to grab a crowbar from her truck when that didn’t work. She also flagged down a passing motorist who grabbed a PVC pipe from her vehicle.

Eva had been dragged into the bushes, but the 2 women managed to get the lion to release her. Erin rushed Eva to the vet, but it took an hour to get there, and Eva began having seizures on the way there.

Eva had jaw and skull fractures and one eye was swollen shut. She may lose sight in the injured eye. After spending a week getting treatment at the vet’s office, Eva went home to continue her recovery.

“I knew Eva was capable of being fierce and protective. I just didn’t ever think that she would have to answer the call like that. Just really hug your dogs, people. Hug your pets, hug your family,” said Erin.

You can follow Eva on her Instagram account @eva_the_mal.

Images: Erin Wilson via NPR.


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