The experts at PetLink microchips have created a helpful list of tips on finding dogs and cats that have gone missing.

Of course, microchipping is key to finding lost pets. Make sure your new pet is microchipped and get into the habit of updating your microchip account when there are any changes to your contact information.

Here are some other helpful tips. Check out the full article for more information.

Before your pet goes missing:

  • Have a recent digital image of your pet on hand (this should be an easy one for most pet parents!)
  • Keep your contact information up to date with your microchip company and consider adding an additional emergency contact.
  • Make sure that your home’s doors, windows, gates, etc. are all properly secured on a regular basis, but especially during parties or when children are going in and out.

Remember the “Three Rs” when your pet is lost:

Remain calm

Report and review

  • Notify your microchip company that your pet is lost.
  • Prepare print and digital lost pet notices for around town and on social media.
  • Be specific about the last known location of your pet. Describe any unusual markings and medical conditions your pet might have.
  • For safety reasons, don’t include a monetary reward or say that your pet is an expensive breed in your lost pet notice.


  • Use social media to mobilize family and friends in your geographic area.
  • Distribute your lost pet flyers to local businesses, vet offices, animal shelters, parks, etc. You should also include people who regularly come to your neighborhood like delivery drivers and joggers.
  • Call local animal shelters to notify them of your missing pet.

PetLink also advises you to protect yourself from unscrupulous people when searching for your lost pet. Watch out for people who call you saying they have your pet but need transportation money to return it.

If a stranger says they have information on your pet and want to meet, never invite them to your house. Talk to them on the phone or in a public place.

For even more information on finding lost pets, check out our blog article HERE.


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