In a recent 60 Minutes segment, Anderson Cooper talked to several experts on the behavior and genetics of dogs and wolves to discover why dogs are so friendly, and why the evolution of dogs can be called the “survival of the friendliest!”

The experts say that dogs evolved from a small number of wolves that were more willing to live near, and eventually with, humans than most other wolves. These friendlier wolves benefitted from associating with humans and eventually became domesticated dogs.

Scientists have found specific areas in the dog’s genome that differ from the wolf’s, and they help account for our dogs’ sociability and friendliness. Interestingly, dogs and humans with a genetic condition known as Williams Syndrome share similar “friendliness mutations.” People with Williams Syndrome are exceptionally outgoing and friendly.

You can watch the entire segment by clicking the link below:

For more about how domestic dogs evolved from wolves, check out our blog article HERE.


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