High rates of inflation and increased pet food and supply prices are impacting pets and their owners across Europe and the UK.

According to an article on the Pet Food Industry website, the cost of caring for dogs, cats, and other companion animals is leading to increased rates of pet relinquishment and abandonment.

In the UK, the RSPCA reports that pet abandonment numbers are up 25% from this time last year. Meanwhile, the number of rehomed pets is down 10% for the same period.

Pet food price inflation is also affecting many European countries. In France, pet food prices are up 31% and pet abandonment levels are up 6%. Hungary is seeing pet food prices rise 20-30% and is also experiencing increased numbers of animals in shelters.

Experts say that these pet abandonment numbers seem to be mostly due to inflation, but post-Covid lifestyle changes may also contribute to pet relinquishment. Additionally, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has affected the availability of some pet food ingredients.

An RSPCA vet told the BBC, “Unfortunately, we believe we’re really starting to see the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis. We’re also beginning to see more animals coming into our care because their owners simply couldn’t afford to care for them anymore; or, in the most extreme cases, having been neglected or abandoned due to the rising cost of pet care.”

Pet food inflation is also an issue in the US, with prices lower than in Europe, but still up around 12%. Here in San Diego, FACE’s community outreach program works with local nonprofits like Feeding San Diego to help distribute pet food and supplies to pet owners in need.


4 thoughts on “Rising Pet Food Costs Put Strain on European Pet Owners

  1. It is the same situation here in Finland, here has been events where people can get free food fot their pets. This fall has been really catastrophic in shelters. They are totally full of cats and dogs, mostly cats. A near by cat shelter took in one yard nearly 100 cats to their shelter just before this freezing cold.

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