Just in time for Valentine’s Day and wedding season, the US Postal Service has released cute kitten and puppy forever stamps in its popular Love series.

The new stamps were introduced at the Austin Pets Alive! animal shelter, along with some pets that were available for adoption.

The stamps were created by artist Chris Buzelli. The original paintings feature a kitten and a puppy with a red heart. They are oil on wood, which gives depth and texture to the images on the stamps.

You can order the puppy and kitten Love stamps at the USPS store.


11 thoughts on “USPS Issues New Pets “Love” Stamps

  1. While I love the thought, I just wish they’d actually deliver the mail…or in my case, pick up mail from the mailbox. I never know whether outgoing mail will be picked up or not and have to walk to the post office branch near my house to assure it’ll get sent out. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  2. Me too. She delivered for 13 years. Gawd I miss her so much. The dogs loved her too. She cared about all her customers, leaving us notes when she’d be on vacation. Haven’t had a regular deliverer for over 2 years now. Many times the mail gets delivered at 8:30 at night and Saturday’s mail is frequently delivered on Sunday. There are over 1000 mailboxes on my route, they can’t seem to get anyone to want to have it and managers have refused to break it up (there are 3 large multi-family apartments that make delivering very challenging). It’s so frustrating and irritating.

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