Meet FACE Success Story Theo!

Cute little Theo is a rescue pup living with a single mom who is both working and studying for a degree.  While she works hard to provide for her family, Theo’s mom wasn’t prepared for his recent veterinary emergency.

Theo began urinating blood and his vet at Mast Blvd. Pet Hospital diagnosed him with a urethral issue that required surgery.  Theo was able to get the surgery he needed thanks to a grant from FACE and is on the way to a full recovery at home with his family!


Meet FACE Success Story Lei Lei!

Poor little Lei Lei was just 13 months old when she swallowed a coin that got stuck in her stomach.  Lei Lei needed emergency surgery to remove this foreign body obstruction.

Lei Lei’s family could not afford the full cost of the surgery and reached out to FACE for financial assistance.  Thanks to a FACE grant and our veterinary partners at San Diego’s Pet Emergency and Specialty Center, Lei Lei was able to get her life-saving operation and is now doing well!


Meet FACE Success Story Lucky!

This cute little pup, posing with his human sibling Mia in his cone of shame, is Lucky!

Poor Lucky was hit by a car and broke his leg.  His family could not afford the full cost of his surgery and began to work on raising the funds to pay for it.  They still needed a little extra help and applied to FACE’s Save-A-Life Program.

We’re happy to report that we were able to help, along with a discount from our partners at Veterinary Specialty Hospital, North County.

Lucky is now living up to his name and recovering from his needed surgery!


Meet FACE Success Story Harvey!

How adorable is Harvey?!

This cute 7 year old pup started experiencing weakness in his back legs.  An exam at San Diego’s Veterinary Speciality Hospital showed that Harvey was suffering from a herniated disc and needed spinal surgery.

“The cost was way beyond what we could afford,” said Harvey’s owner.  FACE Life Sponsor Ruggable provided financial assistance to help Harvey get his operation.

He is now on his way to a full recovery at home with his family!


Meet FACE Success Story Snuggles!

Poor little Snuggles had a rough start in life.  His mom Debra found him living on the streets.  Snuggles had a mangled leg and his veterinarian suspected that it was due to either a birth defect or a very early injury.

Snuggles needed a limb amputation to prevent infection and improve his overall quality of life.  Debra was unable to afford the full cost of the surgery, so she and her vet reached out to FACE for help.  We were able to provide them with the needed financial assistance.

“I would like to send a great big thank you to the FACE Foundation for donating towards Snuggles’ surgery. He is doing great after seeing Dr. Morris and Rancho Del Oro Veterinary Hospital for his first follow up visit.  Snuggles and I are so grateful.” – Debra