FACE Partners with Elevate Foundation to Help Pet Owners in Need

Recently, FACE partnered with the Elevate Foundation to pass out pet supplies and resources in Downtown San Diego.  The Elevate Foundation’s mission is to identify individuals of need in our community and partner with other non-profits (and donors) to provide them with support and assistance.

Friend of FACE, Dr. Corey Cole of Lifetime Animal Care Center, provided flea control and veterinary advice to pet owners in need. Together, we were able to help over 65 pet owners and their pets!

Thank you to both the Elevate Foundation and Lifetime Animal Care Center for your support.

FACE is so thankful for the community partnerships that enable us to lend a helping hand to pet owners in need. We have been able to give over 600 pet owners access to resources and supplies thanks to the network of community organizations who partner with us.



Heartwarming Video: Meet FACE Success Story Lilly and Her Mom Linda

Grab a tissue and check out this recent addition to our YouTube channel!  FACE was able to help an adorable adopted senior dog and her loving mom.  Meet our friends Linda and Lilly!



Meet FACE Success Story Luka!

Meet Luka, a five-year-old Spaniel mix who was presented to the veterinary hospital with severe bladder stones. Luka’s mom fundraised extensively to help her sweet dog, but was still unable to afford the entire cost of the procedure.

She contacted FACE looking for a helping hand in saving her best friend. With the helpful doctors and staff at Banfield Pet Hospital, Luka was able to have her emergency cystotomy surgery and return to fun-filled days with her mom!


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Meet Beast!

6 month old FACE Success Story Beast needed emergency surgery after ingesting a foreign object…one of our most common veterinary emergencies!

Beast’s family reached out to FACE for financial assistance and we were happy to help this cute little guy get the surgery he so urgently needed!


Meet Cleo: FACE’s 2,000th Life Saved!

Last month, San Diego resident Sean noticed a small, green-eyed tabby cat visiting outside of his apartment. She continued to stop by, and the two formed a friendship. Sean soon found out that Cleo had been abandoned and was not able to return to her owners. Having grown fond of Cleo, Sean decided it was meant to be and adopted this young kitty who needed a home.

Cleo was used to life as an indoor-outdoor cat before Sean adopted her. After one of her trips outdoors, it was taking her longer than usual to return home. Cleo finally showed up late one night at Sean’s doorstep, dirty and crying in pain. Sean rushed Cleo to Bodhi Animal Hospital in North Park. After an exam, it was determined that Cleo had a broken leg requiring surgery. Bodhi suspected she was hit by a car, one of the many dangers of allowing pets outdoors with no supervision. Without treatment, euthanasia is the recommended course for animals who have severe injuries.

Sean didn’t want Cleo to suffer but did not have what was needed to cover the emergency costs of the surgery required. Thankfully, Cleo’s veterinarian referred Sean to FACE, and we were able to assist with her life-saving surgery.

Cleo marks FACE’s 2,000th life saved!

She is still on the road to recovery and will remain an indoor cat from now on.  (FACE grantees agree to spay/neuter their pets and keep them safely inside.)

FACE continues to grow each year and has now saved over 2,000 pets in partnership with more than 150 veterinary hospitals throughout San Diego County, all of which generously discount their services for FACE.

We are so grateful to all our supporters and veterinary partners who make our mission to end economic euthanasia and save pets and help families possible!