Meet FACE Success Story Luna!

Cute little Luna is a 13-week-old Border Collie mix who got sick after eating tree bark.  Our partners at Ethos Veterinary Health were treating Luna when her dad (who works 2 jobs to help make ends meet) ran out of funds during her hospitalization.

A FACE grant enabled Luna to remain in the hospital for one more day of the oxygen therapy and supportive care she needed to survive.

We’re happy to report that Luna is now doing well and on her way to a full recovery.

Did you know that some tree bark is harmful to dogs?  Here’s a list of plants that are toxic to dogs, from the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control website.

Why do some dogs love to eat tree bark?  Here’s a short video that helps explain this common canine behavior:



Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day weekend from Success Story Jack and all of us here at the FACE Foundation!


Meet FACE Success Story Sammy!

10-year-old Sammy was in urgent need of surgery when his bladder ruptured. Sammy’s “mom” is on a fixed income and had no way of paying for the necessary procedure to save her best friend. Our friends at Mohnacky Animal Hospitals of Carlsbad contacted us to help save this sweet boy!

FACE’s network of hospital partners connects us with so many pets and their families that otherwise would not know about FACE and our mission to save pets from economic euthanasia.

Sammy received his emergency surgery and after extensive care at the hospital, was able to return home to fully recover with his mom!


Meet FACE Success Story Ivy!

Ivy was adopted 9 years ago by her “mom,” a self-employed woman living in La Mesa, California. Recently, Ivy suddenly got very sick. She was vomiting, wouldn’t eat or drink water, and was extremely lethargic.

After a veterinary visit, Ivy’s vet determined that she had a foreign body obstruction – she swallowed an object that needed to be surgically removed.  The urgent costs were not something Ivy’s mom could fully afford, and the surgery needed to be done ASAP, so she reached out to FACE.

With help from our donors and supporters, we were able to quickly approve her application for a financial grant and get Ivy the surgery she needed to pull through.

As it turns out, she swallowed a peach pit! Her owner had no idea, as Ivy doesn’t usually get into things, but she is so grateful FACE was there at her time in need.

Best wishes to sweet Ivy and her mom!


Heartwarming Video: Meet FACE Success Story Lilly and Her Mom Linda

Grab a tissue and check out this recent addition to our YouTube channel!  FACE was able to help an adorable adopted senior dog and her loving mom.  Meet our friends Linda and Lilly!