Bath Time for Clover the Hedgehog Becomes Viral Video Hit

A cute little African Pygmy Hedgehog from the UK has become a TikTok star for…walking around a bathtub? Becca Smith posted a brief video of her pet hedgehog Clover walking around a bathtub making little splish-splash noises. When she turned on her phone the next day, she was surprised to see it had millions of … Continue reading Bath Time for Clover the Hedgehog Becomes Viral Video Hit

Thank You Carlsbad Golf Center!

FACE would like to thank Carlsbad Golf Center for being a generous sponsor of our 3rd Invitational Dog-Friendly Golf Tournament on November 3rd. Carlsbad Golf Center was voted San Diego's Best Golf Shop in the 2014 U-T San Diego Readers Poll, and we couldn't be more excited about their support. Thank you Carlsbad Golf Center!

Meet Toly!

Meet Toly! This handsome Russian Blue kitty had a spout of bad luck earlier this month when he had two urethral obstructions in a row. After spending as much as they could on treating Toly's first obstruction, his owners, a young couple living paycheck to paycheck, couldn't afford the emergency surgery that was needed to … Continue reading Meet Toly!