SoulPaws Recovery Project: Animal-Assisted Therapy Helps People with Eating Disorders

We’d like to share a bit of news about a project close to the heart of FACE’s very busy Humane Educator Annie Petersen: the SoulPaws Recovery Project. Besides the work she does with FACE to educate young people in our community about pets and animals, Annie has also worked with other organizations like the San Diego Humane Society and the Zoological Society of San Diego.

Annie, who holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Management, has also served as the President of the Association for Human-Animal Bond Studies. Currently, Annie works closely with an amazing organization called the SoulPaws Recovery Project, which she co-founded with Shannon Kopp. The mission of SoulPaws is to offer therapeutic support (including animal-assisted therapy) to those affected by eating disorders.

SoulPaws is dedicated to rescuing shelter animals and utilizing animal-assisted therapy to support sufferers of eating disorders. SoulPaws works with certified therapy animals as well as shelter animals. They also use other therapies like yoga, journaling, and art therapy. Their work was recently featured on the Huffington Post website. Be sure to check out the article and the SoulPaws website to learn more about this great non-profit.

We are very grateful to have such an amazing advocate as part of the FACE team. Thank you for all you do for the animals…and people…in our community, Annie!


Grey Muzzle Organization Helps FACE Save Senior Dogs

Grey muzzle

The Grey Muzzle Organization is a wonderful non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to shelters, rescue groups, sanctuaries, and other animal welfare organizations across the U.S. FACE is honored to be a recipient of a Grey Muzzle grant, along with another San Diego non-profit, Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue.

Partnering with Grey Muzzle allows FACE to help senior dog owners pay for life-saving veterinary care that enables these special dogs to spend more quality time with the families that love them so much.

Check out this heartwarming news video about one of our success stories—sweet Riley, an 11 year-old pug-beagle mix:


Cats Protection UK Creates a Manifesto for Cats

Cats Protection, the United Kingdom’s leading cat welfare organization, has drafted a Manifesto for Cats, calling on the government to implement measures to prevent feline abandonment, harm and neglect.

The Manifesto, available in pdf format for download HERE, outlines 10 key cat welfare areas of concern that Cats Protection is urging the government to address:

  1. Regulating the breeding and sale of cats to reduce the number of unwanted kittens.
  2. Mandatory microchipping of cats.
  3. Regulation of airguns to prevent injury to cats.
  4. Prosecution of dog owners whose dogs kill or injure cats.
  5. Animal welfare education added to school curriculums.
  6. Allow cat owners in rental housing to keep their pets.
  7. Recognition of the positive benefits of ownership of cats and other companion animals.
  8. Better labeling of plants and household products that are toxic to cats.
  9. Banning of snare traps to protect cats and other animals.
  10. Database tracking all cats entering the UK to identify those needing rabies vaccines.

Watch the moving video above to learn more about the Cats Protection Manifesto, and check out their website for more information HERE.

Thank you Cats Protection for helping to raise our awareness on these important issues!

FACE Awarded a Grant from the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo

Thank You Facebook Post

The FACE Foundation is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant from the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo.  This grant will be designated towards helping pet parents who cannot afford the cost of their dog or cat’s cancer treatments.

The regular criteria for FACE Funding does not allow the FACE Foundation to fund cancer treatments. Now, with the help of this grant from the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo, the FACE Foundation will be able to save even more lives in our community by helping provide financial assistance for the necessary veterinary care for local pets who have been diagnosed with cancer.
We would like to thank both the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo for their generous support and for helping us save the lives of local family pets.