Heartwarming Video: Seniors Care for Orphaned Shelter Kittens

Orphaned baby kittens need lots of tender loving care, and Tucson, Arizona’s Pima Animal Care Center has teamed up with the nearby Catalina Springs Memory Care Center in an amazing partnership that benefits both the kittens and the center’s resident seniors.  The shelter brings the tiny kittens to be bottle-fed and cared for by the residents.

The heartwarming result?  The kittens get lots of love and socialization, making them very adoptable and ready for their future forever homes, and the seniors enjoy cuddling and interacting with their foster fur babies.  Check out this adorable video of the program in action!


Video Captures Heroic Efforts to Rescue Kitten

Kitten rescue

Meet Piper, a sweet little kitten who got trapped in a storm drain.  A large group of very determined individuals spent over 30 hours attempting to rescue Piper.  Their heroic efforts to rescue this brave little guy were finally successful.  Here’s a heartwarming video recapping the dramatic rescue…and its very happy conclusion!



Fishermen Rescue Abandoned Kittens that Swam to Boat

Kittens boat

Friends Jason Frost and Brandon Key went fishing on the Warrior River in Alabama this past Saturday.  The last thing they were expecting to catch was cats.  The two men heard a splash and turned to see something swimming towards them, then they heard meowing.  One orange kitten was pulled out of the water and into the boat.

They then heard a second splash and another orange kitten had jumped from a nearby bank and into the water.  This kitten also swam towards the boat and was pulled to safety.

Frost and Key say that there were no houses around for miles, so they suspected the two young cats were abandoned there in the middle of the night.  The kittens were not too happy about that, obviously.

The two kittens were adopted by a family with young daughters who quickly fell in love with the courageous duo.  You can watch the full video of the rescue here:


Cats vs. Christmas Trees!

What is it about Christmas trees that get cats so riled up?  Could it be the endless supply of cat toys hanging just out of reach…tinsel, ornaments, lights, garland?  Or could it be the presence of a tree in the living room brings out your normally calm kitty’s inner Norwegian Forest Cat?

Whatever the reason, videos of cats messing around with Christmas trees are always funny.  Enjoy this Cats vs. Christmas Trees video courtesy of tastefullyoffensive.com…and be glad it’s not *your* tree!