Heartwarming Video: Special Needs Cat Adoption

Grab a tissue before watching this heartwarming video from The Dodo.  A kindhearted couple has made it their mission to adopt special needs cats.

Members of this loving household include a sweet guy with a neurological condition that makes it hard to walk, a cat who lost her eyes to an infection, and another cat who was born with a cleft palate.

Just when they thought their family was complete, they added a fourth cat who’s missing an eye.  These sweet cats really do prove that cats are like potato chips…you just can’t stop at one!



Nutmeg, World’s Oldest Cat, Passes Away at 32

Many pet health experts consider cats to be “senior” after the age of 7.  If your cat has reached the age of 20, then he or she is definitely in the senior range.  But what about a 32-year old cat?  That’s roughly the equivalent of 144 human years!  One British cat named Nutmeg reached the ripe old age of 32 before passing on in late August.

According to Nutmeg’s owners, interviewed in a recent People Magazine article, this sweet guy enjoyed very robust health for most of his long life.  He lost most of his teeth and did suffer a stroke back in 2015, but he recovered and went on to live two more years.  His owners, a couple with no children, considered Nutmeg to be their child.  “We both feel like our hearts have been ripped out.  He was our little boy,” they said.  Anyone who’s ever lost a beloved pet, regardless of age, knows that feeling.

Here’s a video of Nutmeg from back in 2016.  His owner lovingly refers to him as a bit of a grumpy grandpa, but it’s obvious that he was a real sweetheart!


Image of Nutmeg from Westway Veterinary Group Facebook page.

Heartwarming Video: Seniors Care for Orphaned Shelter Kittens

Orphaned baby kittens need lots of tender loving care, and Tucson, Arizona’s Pima Animal Care Center has teamed up with the nearby Catalina Springs Memory Care Center in an amazing partnership that benefits both the kittens and the center’s resident seniors.  The shelter brings the tiny kittens to be bottle-fed and cared for by the residents.

The heartwarming result?  The kittens get lots of love and socialization, making them very adoptable and ready for their future forever homes, and the seniors enjoy cuddling and interacting with their foster fur babies.  Check out this adorable video of the program in action!


Video Captures Heroic Efforts to Rescue Kitten

Kitten rescue

Meet Piper, a sweet little kitten who got trapped in a storm drain.  A large group of very determined individuals spent over 30 hours attempting to rescue Piper.  Their heroic efforts to rescue this brave little guy were finally successful.  Here’s a heartwarming video recapping the dramatic rescue…and its very happy conclusion!



Fishermen Rescue Abandoned Kittens that Swam to Boat

Kittens boat

Friends Jason Frost and Brandon Key went fishing on the Warrior River in Alabama this past Saturday.  The last thing they were expecting to catch was cats.  The two men heard a splash and turned to see something swimming towards them, then they heard meowing.  One orange kitten was pulled out of the water and into the boat.

They then heard a second splash and another orange kitten had jumped from a nearby bank and into the water.  This kitten also swam towards the boat and was pulled to safety.

Frost and Key say that there were no houses around for miles, so they suspected the two young cats were abandoned there in the middle of the night.  The kittens were not too happy about that, obviously.

The two kittens were adopted by a family with young daughters who quickly fell in love with the courageous duo.  You can watch the full video of the rescue here: