A Look Back at 2016



It’s hard to believe the year 2016 is almost history! As we look forward to 2017, and working with our awesome veterinary partners to save the lives of beloved family pets in need of emergency medical care, we thought we’d take a quick look back at some of the highlights of the past year.



The year 2016 marked FACE’s 10th anniversary. From 2006 to 2016, we have helped save over 1,600 lives.



We are one of a small handful of U.S. non-profits with a mission to save family pets from the tragedy of economic euthanasia. We began with one hospital partner…today we have over 125 veterinary partners throughout San Diego County. Our partners discount their services by at least 25% for FACE cases.



As of 2016, our Humane Education program has positively impacted over 800 youth in our community. Our brand-new program, Roxy’s Dental Clinic, has provided free dental care to 15 pets who were former FACE grantees.



We are also celebrating our partnership with the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo. To date, they have granted FACE over $30,000 to help save pets with cancer…something we have never been able to do before.



Thanks to all of our friends and supporters for a great 2016…we can’t wait for next year!


A FACE in the Spotlight: Meet Dr. Carrie Bone


FACE held its first-ever cat dental clinic this month, treating four kitties who received past grants for emergency veterinary care, to ensure that these grantees could continue to lead healthy lives. This clinic would not have been possible without the generous assistance of Dr. Carrie Bone and her colleagues at La Jolla Veterinary Hospital. They donated their time and expertise, and along with funds from Roxy’s Dental Fund (which assists FACE grantees with dental care costs), these deserving kitties were able to get much-needed dental care.


La Jolla Veterinary Hospital has been a long-time supporter of FACE’s mission to provide financial assistance to families with pets who need life-saving veterinary care. While their particular clientele does not necessarily need this assistance, the practice is committed to helping pets in need whenever they can. Dr. Bone joined La Jolla Vet one year ago, after practicing for 10 years in North San Diego County, and has enthusiastically embraced the cause.


“FACE has always been there as an option when times and decisions are tough,” she notes. “It’s an opening when many other doors seem closed.” She cites an example from the dental clinic. One of the patients received a FACE grant to treat a urinary blockage. The cat’s urinary problems were under control with a special diet, but his teeth had severe tartar build-up and infection. “Both the urinary issues and the dental disease are very treatable health issues in animals. They can cause suffering if not addressed,” explains Dr. Bone. “But addressing these problems does incur costs which can sometimes be limiting. So, with the help of FACE, this cat’s quality of life truly improved, and he will hopefully be happy and healthy for a long time to come.”


Dr. Bone’s commitment to her patients is inspiring. “I like to be the one who translates animal health and medicine to the owners who love their pets so much. I like to see how pets can make people so happy, and vice versa,” she says. Her goal is clear: “I mostly like keeping the healthy animals healthy and making the sick ones better!”


When not working, Dr. Bone enjoys spending time with her dog “Larry Bird”—a terrier mix whose handsome good looks *almost* make up for his naughty behavior! She loves taking him out on neighborhood “smell-a-thons” and also likes to go to concerts and surf.


FACE thanks Dr. Carrie Bone and everyone at La Jolla Veterinary Hospital for making our first cat dental clinic possible, as well as for all of the generous support they have provided over the years. We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing veterinary partners and we are grateful for their dedication and support!


A Salute to Veterans…and their Pets!


San Diego is a military town and home to a large number of active duty military members as well as veterans. Did you know that the FACE Foundation has helped dozens of soldiers and veterans save their beloved pets by providing them with financial assistance for life-saving veterinary care?


With Veterans Day coming soon, we thought we’d take a moment to thank all veterans for their service, and to share just a few adorable pictures of some FACE Success Stories…military edition! These sweet pets are the fur kids of San Diego area veterans or active duty military. Enjoy!








A FACE in the Spotlight: Meet Buzzy Parrish

Buzzy and friend "Nemo" looking dapper!

Buzzy and friend “Nemo” looking dapper!

The Pet Emergency and Specialty Center of San Diego has been a valued FACE Foundation veterinary partner since 2009. Together, we have worked to save 153 lives…mostly dogs and cats, but also a bunny and an iguana! The success of our partnership is due in very large part to PESC’s Referring Veterinarian Relations Manager Buzzy Parrish. Buzzy has been with PESC for 17 years, and plays a key role in ensuring that both clients and referring vets receive the best possible care.

Buzzy keeps FACE and our grantees happy too! As FACE Executive Director Brooke Haggerty notes, “Buzzy is one of our favorite hospital reps to work with here at FACE.” Buzzy loves working with all of the pets and clients who make their way to the Center to receive emergency and specialized care. And he certainly has a special affection for FACE cases. “It’s great to know that there’s an organization out there that truly cares and helps whenever they can,” Buzzy says. “The amount of pets saved because of FACE is terrific. There’s no reason a pet should be euthanized just because of lack of money.”

FACE Success Story "Pips"

FACE Success Story “Pips”

One of Buzzy’s favorite FACE success stories is a sweet kitty named Pips. Pips came in with a urinary blockage, which is always a veterinary emergency, and it was also discovered that he had bladder stones. After initial treatment for the blockage and the stones, poor Pips became obstructed again. He needed an operation called a perineal urethrostomy, which is a permanent surgical widening of the urethra. “After two big bills, the owners were tapped out and FACE came to the rescue and helped with the surgery,” Buzzy notes. We’re happy to report that Pips is doing great now!

Pips being comforted by his sister Batty!

Pips being comforted by his sister Batty!

Buzzy loves working with all the animals that come in to PESC, but will admit to a special fondness for cats. He has two of them at home…Maynard and Cobie! Besides spending time with his fur kids, Buzzy enjoys music, and just relaxing and having fun when he’s away from the hospital.

FACE extends our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Buzzy Parrish and all of the veterinarians and staff at PESC. We look forward to many more years of saving lives together!