Meet FACE Success Story Coyote Apollo Ace!

This cute pup with a very fancy name is Coyote Apollo Ace!  He recently snuck under the backyard fence and ran into the street where he was unfortunately hit by a car.

Coyote Apollo Ace needed a surgery called a femoral head ostectomy, which is the removal of the head and neck of the femur.

Coyote’s loving family worked hard to come up with a portion of the funds for his critical surgery, and with the help of a FACE grant, were able to get to the full amount needed.

Thanks to our veterinary partners at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of North County (San Diego) for performing Coyote’s surgery!


Meet FACE Success Story Bear!

This sweet 4 year old Poodle-mix is named Bear, even though he looks more like a little lamb!

Bear presented to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital here in San Diego after his mom found him dragging his back legs. Upon consultation, VSH’s neurology team diagnosed Bear as having intervertebral disc disease, or IVDD. If not treated quickly, IVDD can lead to paralysis. Bear only had a small window to get surgery before his condition could rapidly decline.

Bear and his mom, Amber, are best friends. Bear came into her life during an extremely difficult time and has provided her with unconditional love and support for the last four years. Amber spent everything she had getting Bear diagnosed, and when she found out he needed surgery she was devastated. She couldn’t imagine losing her best friend simply because she couldn’t afford his care, but also had no idea where she could come up with the funds in such a short amount of time.

After talking with the staff at VSH, Amber quickly applied for assistance from FACE. After reviewing Bear’s application, we were able to provide a grant for his emergency surgery. We’re happy to report that Bear’s surgery was a total success and he got to return home with his mom to recover. Thanks to our supporters for helping us save pets like Bear every day!


Meet FACE Success Story Luka!

Meet Luka, a five-year-old Spaniel mix who was presented to the veterinary hospital with severe bladder stones. Luka’s mom fundraised extensively to help her sweet dog, but was still unable to afford the entire cost of the procedure.

She contacted FACE looking for a helping hand in saving her best friend. With the helpful doctors and staff at Banfield Pet Hospital, Luka was able to have her emergency cystotomy surgery and return to fun-filled days with her mom!


Meet Gypsy!


Meet Gypsy!

Meet Gypsy! This adorable pup took off running right into the street where she was hit by a car and left with a fractured femur. Her “dad,” a single student living off of his financial aid, tried as hard as he could to raise the money for the cost of her surgery, but was unable to raise enough to cover the entire cost. Thankfully, he was able to reach out to FACE who with the help of Mohnacky Animal Hospital of Carlsbad was able to help Gypsy get the surgery she needed. Special thanks to FACE Life Sponsor Narrow Gate Foundation for helping to save Gypsy.

Meet Sam!


Meet Sam!

Meet Sam! Sam had a bad habit if chewing on everything, so when his “parents” noticed that Sam was not eating, they knew something was wrong. As it turns out, Sam had swallowed some plastic and needed an emergency surgery to remove it. With twins on the way and two kids at home already, the cost of the surgery was not something Sam’s owners could afford. Thankfully, with the help of Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital, FACE was able to help Sam get the surgery he needed to save his life. Special thanks to FACE Life Sponsor Francis Hamilton White for helping to save Sam.