Health and Safety Tips for Camping and Hiking with Your Dog

With the warm spring weather just around the corner, many outdoorsy dog owners are already planning this season’s outside adventures!

The American Veterinary Medical Association has created a series of disease prevention tips for dog owners who take their pets hiking, backpacking, and camping.

Here are some highlights, but be sure to check out the AVMA website for the full list!

  • Make sure your dog is up to date on all her vaccines, especially rabies.
  • Avoid feeding your dog raw or undercooked meat while camping.
  • Report signs of sick wildlife to your state fish and game agency, and never let your dog consume dead wildlife.
  • Wash cooking tools and equipment thoroughly and wash your hands between handling animals, equipment, and food.

  • Apply flea and tick prevention treatments to your dog and avoid areas known to be tick infested. Check your dog for ticks often.
  • Carry a pet first aid kit in addition to a human first aid kit, and consider getting some basic pet first aid training.
  • Talk to your veterinarian about getting stool samples from your dog checked for intestinal parasites.


April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April has been designated as Pet First Aid Awareness Month…a great time to brush up on our pet first aid skills and put together that pet first aid kit we’ve been meaning to get to for a while now!

To help you get started, check out the Pet First Aid Awareness Month page from the official Red Cross website HERE.

Not sure what to put in that pet first aid kit?  Here’s a helpful how-to video from The Bow Tie Vet Guy:


Image:  “Puppy with Cast,” Greg Hounslow (Flickr)