Huge Success for FACE 2012 Bags & Baubles!


Despite the bleak weather, the attendees were all smiles at FACE Foundation’s 2nd Annual Bags & Baubles held last Sunday, April 29th. There was a great deal of excitement as over 250 new and “gently-loved” designer handbags were auctioned off at the beautiful Casa de Cinira in Rancho Santa Fe.

Attendees gathering to place their final bid on new and gently-loved designer handbags (Courtesy: DMZ Photography)

All proceeds benefit FACE, a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to help cover the cost of life-saving veterinary care.

In addition to bidding on handbags, guests had the opportunity to view and purchase impressive collections of fine jewelry from the Kazanjian Brothers, Yael Designs, and Dodo by Pomellato.  Guests indulged in delicious cuisine prepared by Cal-a-Vie Spa and Resort Executive Chef Jason Graham. Hooters staff led by Greg Napoli served hundreds of freshly made appetizers.

Lulu made an appearance, sporting multiple outfit changes for the event

The FACE Foundation would like to thank Honorary Chair Lisa Pavin, Chairwoman Missy Cameron and committee, our generous sponsors, handbag donors, and volunteers who made this event possible. The event raised over $100,000 to help local families with their pets in need of care.

FACE is already looking forward to next year’s Bags & Baubles, which will be held on Sunday April 28th, 2013.

Tips to Ensure that You and Your Pets are Prepared for an Emergency

No one likes to think about or anticipate emergency situations or disasters, but planning for such crises can save you and your pets in the long run.  Regardless of where you live, these tips–compiled from the ASPCA, FEMA, and–will simplify your response to an emergency.

1. The cardinal rule of managing an emergency: During an evacuation, always bring your pets!  If you can’t get to your animals, discuss with your neighbors a plan to evacuate your pets (this is a reciprocal agreement, and will guarantee the animals’ safety).  Window decals or stickers on your front door or main windows will alert emergency response teams that there are animals in your house in need of rescue.

2. Not all emergency shelters house animals during crises; contact your veterinarian or local shelters for information on where you can house your pet safely during a disaster.

3. Emergency kits for your animals are equally as important as for humans.  Gather First Aid supplies, one week’s worth of food and water per pet, medications, veterinary records, litter/litter trays, antibacterial wipes, trash bags, dishes, a blanket, leashes, collars, toys, and a flashlight.  It is also wise to carry a recent photo of your pet(s); in case of separation, the photo assists in the recovery of your pet.  A crate or carrier will contain your animal, too.

4. Make sure your pets are wearing tags or boasting a microchip.

For more information, please reference the following websites:


Help the FACE Foundation celebrate our 5th birthday by donating $5 in honor of each of your pets!

As you know, at FACE, we assist families who need help saving the life of their furry family members. Given the current economy and its repercussions, we understand that our supporters may be challenged themselves making donations, but would still really like to help! This is why we invite you to donate just $5—the cost of a vanilla latte at the coffee shop, or a magazine from the grocery store—in honor of each of your pets. What a great way to help us celebrate 5 years of saving lives! With each donation, we are steps closer to ensuring that beloved pets in San Diego can enjoy many more birthdays!