Women Vie for Shelter Dog’s Affection in Adorable “Dog Bachelor” Video


Here’s a great way to start your week with a smile! The good folks at the Santa Fe New Mexico Animal Shelter & Humane Society have created a fantastic video to help raise awareness about shelter pet adoption. Check out their “Bachelor” TV show parody featuring 2 love-struck women competing for the affection of one very handsome shelter dog named Stewart:


Cats vs. Christmas Trees!

What is it about Christmas trees that get cats so riled up?  Could it be the endless supply of cat toys hanging just out of reach…tinsel, ornaments, lights, garland?  Or could it be the presence of a tree in the living room brings out your normally calm kitty’s inner Norwegian Forest Cat?

Whatever the reason, videos of cats messing around with Christmas trees are always funny.  Enjoy this Cats vs. Christmas Trees video courtesy of tastefullyoffensive.com…and be glad it’s not *your* tree!