Meet FACE Success Story Charlie!

This adorable Golden Retriever is Charlie, a much-loved military family pet.  Charlie got into some trouble recently and swallowed a razor.  His vets at the Pet Emergency and Specialty Center in La Mesa, CA told Charlie’s parents that he needed emergency surgery.

Charlie’s parents began to raise money for the surgery but needed a little extra help.  They applied for a FACE grant and we were able to provide additional funds that enabled Charlie to have the gastrotomy surgery he urgently needed.

Charlie is now back at home recovering with his humans!


Meet Chi Chi – American Humane’s 2018 Hero Dog Award Winner

Chi Chi is a very special 4 year old Golden Retriever from Arizona who truly deserves to win the American Humane Hero Dog Award!

Chi Chi was found abandoned in the garbage in South Korea, with her legs bound and the flesh already dying.  In order to save her life, all 4 of her limbs were partially amputated.

It took a while for poor Chi Chi to warm up to people after her recovery and adoption, but her sweet nature won out and she now works as a therapy dog.

Chi Chi gets around on a set of custom prosthetics and is an inspiration to everyone who meets her!

Recently Chi Chi also had a cancer scare, but successfully underwent tumor removal surgery.

As American Humane says, “When people hear Chi Chi’s story and experience her attitude of joy, they are often inspired to face their challenges with renewed courage and a fresh perspective.”

You can see Chi Chi and all the other Hero Dog Award recipients on the “American Humane Hero Dog Awards” show, which airs October 24th on the Hallmark Channel.

Image:  American Humane.