How to Play with Your Dog Using Scent Games


We all know that a dog’s sense of smell is many times more powerful than a human’s. Not only do they have more scent receptors in their noses, but the part of the brain that analyzes scent is much larger in dogs as well. We’ve put dogs to work because of their great sense of smell for hundreds of years…but what about a little bit of fun with smell too?


Modern Dog magazine has put together a great list of scent games you can play with your dog. Here are a few simple ways to engage your dog’s sense of smell. Be sure to check out the article for full details and more games HERE.

Hide treats around the house: Place treats in different places that your dog can find by accident. You can mix up the hiding locations and types of treats you use. For even more fun, hide a treat-filled food dispensing or puzzle toy.


Play “pick the hand”: Put a tempting treat in one of your hands and place both hands out (loose fist, palms down). Move your hands back and forth and let your dog find the treat. Praise your dog when you open your hand and give him the treat.


Play hide and seek games: You can play the classic hide and seek game with your dog both indoors and outdoors. Your dog will use her sense of smell to find you. Make sure you have a reward ready when she does.

The “shell game”: Hiding a treat under one of a group of cups and then moving them around is a canine take on the old shell game. You can increase the number of cups as your dog gets better at finding the treat.


Make scent trails: Put a scent your dog likes on a ball (a small amount of chicken fat, peanut butter, or even essential oils) and play with it. Then begin hiding the ball and putting the scent down in a trail (you can use small pieces of paper) leading to the toy. Then try removing the trail and have your dog find the ball on his own.


FACE Success Story Edwin & Myles Win 2016 Animal Impact Award


San Diego Pets Magazine has chosen FACE grantee Edwin Rivers and his dog Myles for their 2016 Animal Impact Award! Edwin and Myles share a very special bond, and we are proud to be a part of their heartwarming story.

Edwin was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after his military service during Operation Desert Storm in 1990-91. Edwin received treatment for his PTSD, but nothing made more of a positive impact than when he got a 9 month old shepherd mix named Myles. Edwin took Myles in for a friend who could no longer care for him. Myles soon became a comforting presence in his life and helped ease the symptoms of his PTSD.

In 2015, Myles fell and broke his femur. He needed emergency surgery that Edwin could not afford, as he was on a fixed income. The recommended alternative was euthanasia. Edwin reached out to FACE and received a grant for the life-saving operation for Myles. Myles has now fully recovered and Edwin has become a great advocate for FACE, volunteering and speaking about how he and Myles made such a positive impact on each other’s lives.

You can read the full article HERE.


How You Can Take a Stand Against Puppy Mills


Maddie’s Fund and the Humane Society of the United States have joined forces to create the “Don’t Buy Into Puppy Mills” public awareness campaign. Visit their informative website to learn how you can help stop the cruel puppy mill industry. There are lots of things concerned animal lovers can do to make a real difference in the lives of these animals. Just click on the provided links to sign a petition, contact your local legislators, and report suspected puppy mill activity to the authorities.


Don’t forget to use the hashtag #stoppuppymills on your social media accounts and spread the word about alternative ways to find a new puppy…especially adoption!…besides pet stores and online ads. The HSUS estimates that 2 million puppies are born into mills each year. We can help reduce that number.


The campaign has created a very moving video featuring kids talking about where puppies come from which can serve as a great learning tool for anyone interested in educating the next generation about puppy mills:



Heartwarming Video: Boy Spotted Hugging Neighbor’s Dog Gets a Pup of His Very Own!


You probably remember the viral video from a while back of a young boy who would jump off his bike and run into his neighbor’s garage to give their dog a big hug. The video charmed everyone who saw it, and now there’s a heartwarming update to the story. This adorable animal lover now has his own dog to love!

9 year-old Josh Breaux of Louisiana began to visit his neighbor’s pup not long after the family dog he had since he was 2 passed away. Josh’s mom explained that they were hesitating to get another dog right away, and Josh was definitely missing his canine cuddle buddy.  (His mom reports that she and Josh’s sister were dog huggers too!)


After the video went viral, the family was contacted by many people looking to give Josh a dog. As this story from ABC News shows, Josh finally got his very own puppy! A 3 month-old black lab named Drake became Josh’s new canine sibling. Drake came from a family in the neighborhood whose son just went away to college…so, a very happy ending for both Josh and Drake!

Check out the video on the ABC News website HERE.


Help Raise Awareness About Homeless Pets on Remember Me Thursday


Have you heard about the “Remember Me Thursday” pet adoption awareness movement? Thursday, September 22, 2016 has been designated as Remember Me Thursday. This event was founded four years ago by Mike Arms, President and CEO of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, right here in San Diego County!


The aim of the movement is simple—to raise awareness about the millions of adoptable pets in the world who are waiting for their forever homes. In past years over 160 countries and 500 animal welfare organizations have united in support of this awareness event.


You can be a part of Remember Me Thursday, too! Just spread the word on your social media accounts using the hashtags #RememberTheRescue and #RememberMeThursday. Share your rescue pet’s story and pictures with animal lovers just like you!


Interested in learning more? Visit the Remember Me Thursday website for lots of additional information and ideas about how to get involved.