Dog hero saves family from fire

South Park, PA –  

This past weekend, Raven, an American Bulldog, proved to her family, in no uncertain terms, that dog is man’s best friend.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, the heroic dog successfully alerted her slumbering family to a blaze in their Piney Fork Road home in the early morning hours on Sunday.

While working smoke detectors are considered the gold standard for alerting homeowners to fires, time and again, we read about dogs who are credited with saving their family’s lives as their heightened senses alert them to danger long before it is otherwise apparent.

Raven is no exception.

Her family is grateful to her – calling the 7 yr-old dog “amazing”.

Good girl Raven!

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Tips to Ensure that You and Your Pets are Prepared for an Emergency

No one likes to think about or anticipate emergency situations or disasters, but planning for such crises can save you and your pets in the long run.  Regardless of where you live, these tips–compiled from the ASPCA, FEMA, and–will simplify your response to an emergency.

1. The cardinal rule of managing an emergency: During an evacuation, always bring your pets!  If you can’t get to your animals, discuss with your neighbors a plan to evacuate your pets (this is a reciprocal agreement, and will guarantee the animals’ safety).  Window decals or stickers on your front door or main windows will alert emergency response teams that there are animals in your house in need of rescue.

2. Not all emergency shelters house animals during crises; contact your veterinarian or local shelters for information on where you can house your pet safely during a disaster.

3. Emergency kits for your animals are equally as important as for humans.  Gather First Aid supplies, one week’s worth of food and water per pet, medications, veterinary records, litter/litter trays, antibacterial wipes, trash bags, dishes, a blanket, leashes, collars, toys, and a flashlight.  It is also wise to carry a recent photo of your pet(s); in case of separation, the photo assists in the recovery of your pet.  A crate or carrier will contain your animal, too.

4. Make sure your pets are wearing tags or boasting a microchip.

For more information, please reference the following websites:


The month of May was extraordinarily busy for FACE!  In May alone, the money we provided to save pets totaled over $40,000. Since inception, FACE has granted over $540,000 to families and pets in need!  For each month in 2011, we budgeted to grant $17,500, but by the middle of May, the month’s funds were depleted!  Luckily for the animals in need of help, donors supplied FACE with the funding necessary to sustain the organization’s granting program.  Peri and Peg Urvek, longtime donors and friends of FACE, graciously donated $35,500 in May!

Previously, Peri Urvek provided life-saving funding for Buddy, a local cat, who faced life-threatening injuries after being attacked by neighbors’ dogs.  Buddy’s owner was incapable of funding the necessary surgeries, and upon hearing of Buddy’s condition, Urvek dedicated herself to helping both him and his family. Urvek’s philanthropy has benefited other recipients of financial assistance from FACE, such as Chanel, a Maltipoo puppy who fractured her leg, and Daisy, a young American Bulldog mix, whose Marine father did not have the finances for her surgeries after she was hit by a truck.

When asked the motivation for her generosity, Urvek responded, “I do this because…many animals are doomed to either be put down or to have to suffer in pain for days until their owners can arrange a way to pay for…treatment.  FACE is often called upon to make those arrangements.  I believe that if a person who has a pet that is well and not in pain can give just a small donation to help someone whose pet is either sick or injured—but who cannot find the money to get the pet made healthy again—we could improve the world around us…one person, one pet at a time.”

Illuminating the tenets of FACE, Urvek strives to raise awareness about the high costs of emergency and life-saving medical care for animals.  In supporting the survival of ill and disadvantaged animals, Urvek explains, “I wholeheartedly recommend pet health insurance…and until our pets can be insured, FACE will need donations….so instead of buying a ticket to one sporting event in a month this summer, donate the cost of the ticket and stay home and watch it on TV. If every person who goes to a Padres game this summer would donate the cost of one ticket a month to FACE, more pets would be saved.”

Urvek’s gift, which was supplemented by the gifts of many other supporters, allowed FACE to fund procedures and treatments for May.  Fortunately, no animal referred to FACE was denied financial assistance or care because of our donors’ charity!  May was a record month, and benefactors like you made it possible to save over twenty lives!  Congratulations, and thank you!