Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day from FACE Success Story Theo, a rescue cat who is loved dearly by his mom.

Poor Theo was hit by a car one day and found by the side of the road.  After taking him to the vet, they found out that Theo had fractures in his femur and his head. As a disabled woman, Theo’s mom was already having a hard time making ends meet – she just didn’t have the money for his $5,000+ surgery.

Thankfully, she applied to FACE and together with California Veterinary Specialists Murietta we were able to get Theo the surgery he so desperately needed!

Here are just a few more of our sweet Success Story Valentines:







Valentine’s Day Spending for US Pets to Top $750 Million in 2018

It’s a fact, Americans love to pamper their pets!  We shower our pets with toys and treats on Christmas and their birthdays (or “gotcha” days), but did you know that Valentine’s Day is a big pet spending holiday too?

A recent article in Pets+ Magazine reports that a National Retail Federation survey found that US consumers will spend a total of $19.6 billion on all Valentine’s Day gifts, and over $750 million of that amount will be spent on our pets.

The average consumer plans on spending $5.50 on a Valentine’s present for their pet, out of a total average Valentine’s Day-related expenditure of $143.56.

Our pets are always our Valentines, so it’s not surprising that we celebrate our love for them with a little V-Day present!