How to Safely Store Your Pet’s Medicine and Food

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has great food and drug safety tips for humans, but did you know they also have a whole section on pets?  It’s important to store your pet’s medications in a secure place to avoid the hazards of an accidental overdose.  Your pet’s food and treats should also be stored properly to avoid spoilage and contamination.

Here are a few practical tips on pet food and drug storage from the FDA:

Pet Medications

  • Keep pet medications in their original containers with their original labels. This is important for drug dosage and identification information, as well as pet ID in a multi-pet household.
  • Keep pet medications safely out of reach. Remember that cats can jump onto high places and dogs have a good nose for flavored meds.
  • Child-proof drug containers are not necessarily pet-proof, especially if your dog is a chewer.
  • Store pet meds in a completely different place than human meds to avoid an accidental mix-up.
  • Keep medications for other animals such as horses and pocket pets away from dogs and cats.
  • Dispose of expired or unused pet medications in the same way you dispose of human drugs. Mix them with an unappealing substance (used kitty litter or coffee grounds), and place in the trash in a sealed bag.

Pet Food and Treats

  • Store your pet food in the original container. You will need the information on the container in the event of a pet food recall.  Having the lot number is especially important in a recall.
  • If you use plastic containers to store kibble or treats, it’s a good idea to store it in the bag, or at least keep the bag around so that you have the important information on the label.
  • Storage containers for pet food should be clean and dry, with a tightly-fitting lid.
  • Wash and dry the container before you add another bag of food. Fat residue can become rancid.
  • Store all pet food in a cool, dry place. The temperature should be under 80 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid spoilage.
  • Refrigerate or throw out uneaten wet food.
  • Wash and dry pet food and water bowls (and utensils) daily.
  • Keep food and treats in a safe location so your pet won’t get into it and binge.



UPS Drivers Celebrate the Dogs They Meet on their Routes

Does your dog get excited when the UPS truck comes around?  Chances are your neighborhood UPS driver is just as happy to greet your dog too!

The adorable Facebook page UPS Dogs is full of great pictures of the dogs UPS drivers meet along their routes.  Turns out, the open doors on those iconic brown trucks are perfect for a little canine meet and greet session.

A recent article on the website Bored Panda introduced us to Sean McCarren, a UPS driver who started the UPS Dogs page.  Drivers have been posting adorable pictures of their four-legged welcoming committees ever since.

While the majority of pets on the site are dogs, other animals like cats, goats, and even deer get their chance to shine, too.

Be sure to check out the page for more sweet pictures of good pups like these!


Images via UPS Dogs Facebook page.


“Mission Adoptable” Videos Spread the Word About Senior Pet Adoption

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, a great time for animal welfare organizations to raise awareness about adopting homeless dogs and cats that are 7 years of age and older.

As part of this awareness campaign, Animal Planet has created a series of heartwarming videos about special pet adoption stories called “Mission Adoptable.”  Be sure to check out their website for all the adorable videos.  Here are just a couple of our favorites!

Diamond’s Story:


Matti Jo Jo and Beau Beau Jones’s Story:


Meet New Zealand’s Adorable First Cat “Paddles”

Jacinda Ardern was sworn in as New Zealand’s new Prime Minister this week, making history as the world’s youngest female leader (she’s 37).  She’s also New Zealand’s youngest Prime Minister in 150 years and the third woman to lead the country.

Ardern’s adorable polydactyl cat Paddles is now causing a stir on social media.  She made her Twitter debut just a few days ago and already has thousands of followers.

For more on Paddles and other current first pets around the world, check out this BBC News article.  You can follow Paddles at @FirstCatofNZ.  As she says, “Have thumbs, will tweet!”