There are many caring animal lovers who work hard to help the homeless cats in their communities, but one little boy in Philadelphia is a true superhero for cats!  A recent article in The Dodo brought a smile to a lot of people’s faces around the world when it went viral on social media.

A 5-year-old boy named Shon began caring for the street cats in his city when he was just 3, asking to accompany his aunts on their trips around town, feeding and helping multiple colonies of stray cats.  The women were hesitant at first, but to their surprise, Shon was a true “cat whisperer”—with even the most feral cats allowing him to approach and pet them.

Shon has graduated from pets and head scratches to helping the women serve treats, dry food, and water to the cats.  He also loves to dress up in superhero costumes, because “he said it makes him feel like a superhero for animals” …we couldn’t agree more!

Check out the full story on The Dodo’s website, including information on how you can follow (and help) Kolony Kats, the grassroots feral cat organization made famous by Shon!


Images:  Kolony Kats via The Dodo

16 thoughts on “A Superhero for Street Cats

  1. This is such an amazing story! Both Shon & his family deserve respect & should be celebrated for setting a great example of compassion. I also love that he likes to wear costumes, he is a very unique cat man!

  2. WOW this is such a heartwarming story! Shon and his family should be very proud!
    I believe we should all be following Shon’s footsteps in helping stray cats in our neighbourhood. With the help of caring humans, not only can we help stray and roaming cats survive, but also to help them find their own forever homes!
    I am a university student and I have started a campaign called Control their Nightlife, Control the Wildlife, which aims to encourage cat owners to keep their pet cats indoors to stop them from killing native wildlife. If you could, it would be great if you could help me spread word of my WordPress blog!
    Thanks so much! xx -Tracy

    1. Hi Tracy, we admire your mission and would be happy to spread the word about your blog. We believe that indoor cats live longer, safer, and healthier lives (in addition to saving local wildlife). We also advocate for spay/neuter. Good luck with your campaign!

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