If you’ve been shopping for your pet’s favorite food or treats recently, you probably have noticed both increased prices and decreased availability, both in-store and online.

You’re not alone.  Disruptions in the supply chain for pet food ingredients have caused these issues.

According to a recent article in Reuters, the cost of pet food ingredients has increased 20% since the start of the pandemic.  This is higher than the 5.4% rise in overall consumer prices.

What’s behind this issue?  Prices for basic pet food ingredients like corn, soy, and meat are higher, along with increasing costs to transport and process these supplies.

Pet food makers are competing with manufacturers of our own food to obtain these higher priced ingredients.

On top of all this, the pandemic has led to a rise in pet ownership, with one study reporting that 12.6 million US households got a new pet in the months between March and December 2020.  More pets = more demand for pet food.

Food banks and other non-profit organizations have stepped in to help pet owners who are financially struggling to obtain pet food and other supplies.

At FACE, we have been working to connect San Diego pet owners in need of assistance with basic supplies, as well as veterinary care, through our community outreach programs.  We also maintain an Amazon wish list for pet supplies we donate to the community.


2 thoughts on “Pet Food Shortages and Price Hikes Due to Disruptions in Supply Chain

  1. Like with everything else, the panDAMNic has definitely disrupted supply chains up and down the board. I’ve learned to not wait when placing orders with Chewy’s. Apart from ingredients costing more, transportation costs (lack of enough drivers and higher costs for fuel) have greatly risen. It’s been challenging after being used to wanting something, ordering it and receiving it quickly before the panDAMNic.

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