2020 was a difficult year for all of us.  For the 344 families helped by FACE grants last year, the hardships were compounded by their pets’ life-threatening veterinary emergencies.

Many of our grantees saw changes to their financial situations during the height of the pandemic.  When their pets needed emergency medical treatment, FACE and our veterinary partners were there to lend a helping hand.

Here are just a few facts and figures from our 2020 Annual Report:

Grantee Backgrounds:

  • Living paycheck to paycheck: 37%
  • Temporarily unemployed: 36% (this was a 31% increase from the 2019 grantee unemployment rate of 5%)
  • Senior citizen/disabled: 17%
  • Military: 8%
  • Homeless: 2%

37% of our 2020 grantees saw reduced hours or layoffs due to Covid.  31% met the federal poverty level.

Pets Helped:

  • 326 of the cases were veterinary emergencies.
  • 11 of the pets received help with cancer treatments.
  • 7 pets received diagnostic-only assistance.
  • 33 pets were spayed/neutered as per FACE’s grant requirements.

We also conducted community outreach events such as vet clinics for homeless pet owners, youth humane education classes, and free educational webinars.

From our founding in 2007 to April 2021, FACE has been able to help a total of 3,148 pets.  $5.95 million in funds have been granted by FACE.

We have 183 partner veterinary hospitals in the San Diego area.  Families assisted by FACE grants also receive discounts from our partners.  To date, discounts total $2.88 million.

Thanks to all our friends for your support, we look forward to helping more pets in need of critical veterinary care in the months and years to come!



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